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Okey doke. Onto Day Two:

I'm actually going to start with the first house I really, really loved on the tour.

Maybe because it was the first house that didn't hide behind washed-out pastels and tastefully muted grays

Stunning living room, however....

Not easy to watch telly in here, particularly when it's this small

Panoramic view of the master, divided by a double-sided fireplace

This is actually a better shot

Work station at the top of the staircase (the house actually had two staircases on either end). The telly wall is right below this, good way to keep an eye on your little angels

One kid's room had an actual hockey rink built in

This floor was in the jack-and-jill bathroom. Looked cool but in reality murder on bare feet

Entering the basement level this trophy case was front and center. When I looked closer, all the trophies had the building company's name on them and were prizes for events that I highly doubt actually exist

Out back was this wrap-around stream -- not as good as a pool, but might keep very small children entertained. And me.

I didn't photograph it, but this was the only house we saw that had an actual home theater. I remember fondly a few parades ago when they were the must-have feature in every house. *sigh*

After that, the rest of the day was all downhill. For instance, this house. This is literally the entire first floor. There's a lot going on in this room, yo.

Another trend this year was frakkin ginormous mirrors. I've shopped for mirrors and they don't come cheap. I photographed myself wearing my new cycling jersey, which had only arrived the previous day and couldn't wait for my next ride. The dirty little secret about cycling jerseys is they're plenty cool and breathable on the bike with a breeze blowing down your neck line. Walking around houses, even centrally air conditioned houses, not so much.

We did like this granite double-sided desk, not a material you often (or ever) see desks in

This was a cute, perfectly ordinary kid's room...

...until we noticed this in the corner. What is it? And is it wise putting it somewhere little children can reach it? We followed the cords to try to deduce its purpose, but they ended behind the dresser. Therefore, it must power the dresser

Ghetto wine cellar

Whatever house this was in, by now I was starving and these jars were cruelly sealed shut

This wall art strongly implied a home theater in a room that ironically didn't have any space for a TV

Tomorrow: Day Three
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