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How do you argue with someone who isn't interested in facts?

And because I despise people who post cryptic things on Facebook in a ploy to force their friends to ask what's going on, I'm going to elaborate.

(And M, I deeply apologize if you're reading this, but I'm so frustrated.)

I had to filter Tery's brother-in-law off my FB because I could not stand one more day of his irrational and constant vitriol against Obama. He's not Republican but Libertarian, something I'm starting to suspect is even worse -- from what I can tell, their only solution to the country is no government at all, crazy as that is, and any other more useful suggestion is met with a blank wall or cries of socialism. So, for the sake of my blood pressure, filtered.

I should make it clear that, apart from this, he really is quite a sweet guy.

I had cautiously decided to unfilter him recently because he seemed to be laying off the political content. That is, until Occupy Wall Street.

Yesterday he posted this link to the "proposed demands" of the movement, some really batshit crazy stuff that truly is a "hippie's utopia," along with a predictably snide comment:

If you're too busy to click, it includes among other things across the board debt forgiveness, a minimum wage of $20/hr, and guaranteed income whether someone is employed or not.

You'll notice today the page contains a disclaimer at the top that wasn't there yesterday, confirming that it's bogus.

I did some Googling myself and came up with this page of much more reasonable demands, most if not all of which I wholeheartedly agree with:

If you look at the urls, they both come from the movement's official page, but they're both in the forums section. Neither of these are the official list.

Do you think pointing this out to him made the slightest bit of difference? Nope. He never even responded to me, and all his smug friends continued commenting on his link and ignored mine. This must be what it feels like to appear on Bill O'Reilly's or Rush Limbaugh's show.

I know, pumpkin. Facts are inconvenient, and it's so much easier to sit around pointing fingers and criticizing than offering actual solutions. So, for the sake of my blood pressure, filtered again.
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