Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Better late than never, but as I bitched previously there's no relaxing time off for me on the holidays. Here's my 2010 year in review:

This is the year I lost 65 pounds after discovering I had gallstones.

This is the year I broke down and got health insurance (see above).

This is the year I rode a bike and changed my life.

This is the year I made a new penpal friend in Finland.

This is the year I got a computer with Windows 7, a choice I've regretted at least once a week since (including this past month, where every fifth time I turn the computer off Windows crashes and refuses to restart).

This is the year Tery made enormous strides in her struggle with alcoholism, ran her first triathlon and found God.

To cancel out her goodness, this is the year I officially became a smut peddlar and wrote my first semi-novel length Snarry (which has received rave reviews, BTW).

In still more evil deeds, this is the year I discovered the joy of torrent downloading, only to be sent a cease-and-desist letter from my ISP a few short months later. Just recently I've discovered the joy of "YouTube ripping," which [livejournal.com profile] kavieshana tells me is so 2006 it never occurred to her to suggest it as an alternative.

Related, this is the year I discovered two great new bands, Imperative Reaction and mind.in.a.box. Watch this video to hear my favorite song by them; it starts kind of slow, then builds to one kick-ass verse, then ends far too soon (don't pay any attention to the video itself, it seems to have nothing to do with the song at all):

This is the year (maybe the last) I visited my family and realized they could possibly have some deep-seated emotional problems; like, should probably be in therapy caliber of problems.

This is the year Tery broke her 4-year winning streak of the neighborhood Christmas lights competition -- which would be easier to accept if the winners didn't only turn their lights on for the judging, and never again afterwards.

This is the year I learned that good things come to those who wait, that DVDs drop in price steadily if you're patient enough, and that not seeing movies in the theater whenever the mood strikes me isn't going to kill me.

Resolutions for 2011: Save, save, save (money); and lose, lose, lose (more weight. Hopefully. I seem to have plateaued for the past few weeks).

First picture of me taken in 2011:

And oh hell, have a couple of adorable ferrets in lurve, good way to start the year:


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