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Where are all your red states NOW?

Tery and I voted, naturally. It was a pleasant surprise to find no lines, no waiting at the Meadow Hills Golf Course polling site. And, as opposed to last time, we feel that our votes made a difference as evidenced by all the Democratic wins.

However, while waiting for Tery to finish I stood around outside. It was here that I noticed my driver's license expired 7 months ago. What the.....? I've been driving around as a small-time criminal and didn't even know it. Oops.

As I waited, I also watched a man in shorts and Polo shirt abandon his golf bag and approach the election official standing by the door. He asked him where he could go to vote.

"I heard on the radio this morning that people could go anywhere to vote. Is that true, or does it depend on where you live?" He was told that it depended on where he lived, of course. "Oh, cuz it sure would be convenient for me if I could just vote here." Yes, I'll bet it would. He had no voter card on him and no idea what his precinct was. His little drama sucked in a second official who had to abandon his post to help this guy out. When he realized that the officials didn't have every polling location in the greater metro area committed to memory, he backpedaled a bit. "Well, I'm in sort of a hurry, so..."

In a hurry? Sir, you are GOLFING. Some people stood in line for more than 3 hours to vote, and this guy was stressed about missing his tee time. In my opinion, if you show up at the clubhouse and happen to notice that oh yeah, today's Election Day, you don't DESERVE to vote. Well, this opinion was aided in part by the suspicion, fair or not, that he was Republican through and through.

My poor sister got disenfranchised due to moving many times in the past 2 years and not staying on top of her voter information. She tried 3 polling places before deciding she'd tried hard enough. The good news is she lives in Boston so her vote wasn't that crucial to turning any tide, and she was going to vote libertarian anyway. I'm sorry, but I think this country is closer to accepting gay marriage than it is to accepting more than a two-party system.

This is still better than Ryan, who moved out of his parents' house 2 years ago and still hasn't updated his registration. "Those 2 years really got away from him, didn't they?" Tery snarked. I told Ryan that when gay marriage is banned for good in Colorado (which it was), I was going to blame him. He didn't have a problem with that.

I'm not going to make any deep political commentary here. I'm happy the Dems have some power back, but skeptical about anything really changing in the greater scheme as long as W. is still president. He did whatever he wanted before, disregarding House, Senate, UN, American people, why would that change now? Still, I think it's more than coincidence that Rumsfeld announced his resignation today. I thought it was because he felt he wasn't needed in the face of a possibly soon-to-change policy in Iraq. Tery thinks he's gettin' while the gettin's good before the Dems dig up any shit on him. Either way, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Rummy. Same goes to you, Santorum, and you, Schwarzenegger, and you, Musgrave. Oh wait, somehow those last two fuckers got re-elected. We've still got a long way to go.
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V for Vendetta: I knew nothing about this movie going into it. No reviews, no storyline, no actors, just the recommendation of a few friends. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a vast understatement.

::read more. cut for length and possible spoilers:: )

The minute the credits began to roll, I wanted to invite every single person I knew over to watch it with me. I rarely feel this excited about a movie. Tomorrow I'm buying the two disc special edition (naturally). 5 out of 5, unequivocally and unapologetically. If you disagree or worse, think like The New Yorker that it's "foolish," I don't want to hear about it. Am I being totalitarian? Get used to it, our freedoms are being eroded every day.

All my icons are far too silly to attach to such an intense post, so I'm going with me as a terribly intense 5-year-old.


Sep. 8th, 2005 12:39 pm
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My rage is towering.

Now any attempts to determine "accountability" are deflected suavely with accusations of playing the "blame game." No, it's called accountability. Most of us grown-ups realize there are consequences for our actions. If those consequences involve 10,000 (or 20,000 or 40,000) dead people, someone had damn well better be held accountable. Without accountability, most of us would probably just behave like cavemen. Or worse, like fucking politicians.

Bush is like an autistic child that's been given an automatic weapon to keep him occupied. He's like Trelane from the classic Star Trek episode, a boy in a man's body with limitless power, but not a shred of morality.

Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job! - George W. Bush

My rage is so great it's giving me headaches. Making me nauseous. Making me shake.

Sure, even on my best days I'm always running with a steady undercurrent of anger. There's always something to be a little upset about. But this week, this administration, has catapulted me to new levels of fury.

It's totally wiped out. ... It's devastating, it's got to be doubly devastating on the ground. - George W. Bush

People who apparently aren't experiencing the same blood-boiling reactions that I am infuriate me all the more. Like fucking complacent bovine, content to stand in one place their whole lives, eating and shitting, until they're lead to the slaughterhouse. This includes Tery, although she is tolerant enough to listen to my almost 24-hour ranting. I realize this isn't fair, life has to go on, yadda yadda, but YOU try feeling this level of wrath and remain reasonable at the same time. I'm screaming "impeach" and people look at me like I'm out of my tree. They just want to hide further under the covers and pray 2008 gets here sooner. Yeah, THAT solution is working out real well. As long as you don't live on the Gulf Coast.

There's plenty of time to figure out what went right and what went wrong. - George W. Bush

The Right is accusing the Left of politicizing the tragedy. As if they don't greedily pounce on any little excuse to further their own agenda. No, they're little angels. Yes, I'm thrilled to death that Bush and his cronies have been exposed as the uncaring, self-centered, incompetent jackasses they are. Yes, it is horrible that we needed a body count in the tens of thousands to do it. But it's not like someone framed the federal government by delaying any meaningful rescue efforts for 6 days. They did that all on their own. I'm not politicizing this. I'm calling a spade a spade. If it had happened under a Democratic administration I would be equally as appalled.

This is where we see that the Republican motto of "I've got mine, why the hell should I care about you?" is simply not compatible with humanitarianism. How do the fucking "value voters" feel about this display of Bush's concern for "the Sanctity of Life"?

Out of the rubble of Trent Lott's house — he's lost his entire house — there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch. - George W. Bush

My rage never leaves me. My day job requires I work on the computer, where the internet is barraging me with report after sickening report of the efforts to distract the public from the crucial questions. My night job involves such brainless activity that my rage is free to stew and fester and broil in my head for hours. The only silver lining to it is that I sleep just fine at night, because this level of anger is exhausting. Last night I desperately needed a break from it. I knew I needed to bring in the big guns. So while driving to work, instead of listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America, I switched on "Buffy: The Musical" instead, the crystal meth of escapism. It did the trick nicely, but sadly I can't spend the next 3 years in my car.

My rage is Lake Pontchartrain, and my levees aren't holding up any better.

::my letter to my senator:: )

Yes, I had planned to write to my congressman as well, but he's a Republican and trust me, my blood pressure simply could not withstand a smiling response essentially saying, "Thank you for your letter but I don't care about my Democratic constituents."

Impeachment? Hell yes. No, Cheney's no better, but can he really be worse? Maybe he might listen to his staff and actually read documents and act logically, not pretend to listen to evidence and then do whatever the hell he was going to do in the first place. Look at me, the eternal optimist.

Yes, I'm a Liberal Democrat. Dirty words indeed in this political climate. But to the people who call us "traitors" and "unpatriotic" for daring to criticize our president, I say you couldn't be more wrong. I love my country. That's why I'm sick and tired of watching it being torn apart and destroyed by Bush and his lackeys.
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I wanted to share the letter I got from my friend, JeffDaddy, in England. I wrote to him asking for a perspective on all this from beyond America's borders.

All of us around the world are asking, begging, praying that you nail this fucker for everything you can and I'm proud that you wrote to newspapers to get the ball rolling. Don't stop.

Strange that a president that ignores scientific evidence and relies on what he feels God is telling him, doesn't appear to notice that God is pissed at him. I mean, does it have to be written in HUGE, NEON letters in the sky for him to get it? I get the feeling that the Whitehouse could be burned to the ground by a hail of lightning and he would still come out with that stupid monkey face of his, scratching his head...

I ♥ him.

Last night Tery was watching the Miami vs. FSU game, the very same game whose fans surrounding hotels wanted to make room for by booting out Katrina evacuees. And fucking Jeb Bush, billionaire and recipient of how many millions of dollars in disaster relief for the state of Florida from big brother, was being interviewed and announced on national TV that he had tossed $20 into the donation buckets on his way into the stadium. TWENTY DOLLARS. Is that entire family congenitally stupid or is that an unnecessary question? Tery wondered if his PR people were burying their faces in their hands, or bashing their heads on their desks.
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We were invited to a Labor Day party at Chris and Lianna's, Tery's coworkers, this past weekend. I was under specific orders to come because Tabby wanted to "hang out" with me. Tabby always wants to hang out with me. Then I go and we're barely ever in the same room together. But I did anyway.

Kay was there, despite saying she wasn't coming. I hadn't forgotten my vow to tell her a thing or two about the whole Rufus Wainwright incident, but for the sake of keeping the peace I didn't say anything. But I still think she knows exactly how I feel about her because she kept a very wary distance all night, and we said nothing to each other but "Hello" and "Goodbye." Perfect.

Tabby brought her "boyfriend" Tim along, Mr. Security Installation Guy. I've decided I just don't like Tim. He's one of those people who looks deeply and unblinkingly into your eyes while he talks, as if what he's saying is intensely important. I somehow again got cornered by him and had to listen to him explain how he acts on dates.

"I don't sugar-coat things. If I feel a certain way, I'm going to come out and say it," he intoned seriously.

"Oh, I'm the same way," was all I could think of to say.

He went on as if I hadn't said anything. "And if you don't like what I have to say, that's your problem, not mine."

I just nodded in agreement.

"I don't get a lot of second dates though."

I had even less of an idea how to respond to this little diatribe. I longed for his 45-minute speech on installing security systems. Why the hell did he think I cared about his dating techniques? He also doesn't think Ellen is funny, lesbianwise or otherwise. That's it buddy. You are SO out of here.

I very gracelessly extricated myself from the conversation, no mean feat when he still sat right across the table from me, staring unblinkingly. Weirdo.

But it was all good because Becca and Laura were there. I haven't seen Laura forever. She was Sexy Alice a few Halloweens ago. Tery appeared and asked Laura if I'd seen her ferret yet. "You got a ferret?" I asked. In response she called out "Nemo!" and to my astonisment, this little blurry white cotton ball came excitedly running across the lawn, just as fast as his tiny legs would carry him:

Image Hosted by

Tery called him a ferret because he's a mini Pomeranian, and both Gideon and Xander can easily kick his little ass. Snowy white with long, soft, Jennifer Aniston hair, enormous, expressive doe eyes and charming and cuddly as a teddy bear. Nemo was quite the loverboy, and took to me like syrup on pancakes. I love animals, but I'm not generally a dog person. But how could I resist? Nemo loved sitting in my lap and French kissing me, and at one point late in the evening was so tuckered out he curled up on me, burying his widdle face in the crook of my elbow, where he slept for about a half hour. He got up when he thought there was food to be had, then literally jumped across two other people's laps to get back to me. Much later when I went to leave, he was waiting at the door to go home with me like the perfect little gentleman. But Laura said no. >: ( What does SHE know about true, trans-species love? Nothing, I tell you. But she was quite amazed at how much he loved me. She said he's generally affectionate, but not usually to that degree. What can I say? I'm catnip for the critters.

Becca and Laura and I talked, and I turned the conversation to Katrina, since the news events had been saturating my whole day. Laura is a lot like me. She's a total hippie chick liberal with a very live-and-let-live attitude. She's also an Aries like me, not afraid to speak her mind, although she's a lot sweeter about it. Like me, she also sank into a week-long depression when Bush was re-elected, and like me, wants to vomit whenever she sees him on TV. None of us could believe the tragically incompetent way the rescue operations were being handled. Audrey was there too, and I half expected her to offer me some sympathy, because it must be hard to watch those people die, my father having died and all. But she seems to have gotten over that kick. I mentioned the fact that Rush Limbaugh (and others) are actually on the record as saying anyone who "chose" to stay in New Orleans got exactly what they deserved. As happens when talking to civilized, decent people, this information was met with shock. I added that I find it impossible to believe that there isn't a single person in Rush's camp who has the balls to say, "You know what? Even if you ARE sub-human enough to think such shameful things, why don't you keep your big, stupid mouth SHUT for a change?"

Laura had an interesting theory on religion. She thinks there are two kinds of religious people: those who embrace it because it gives them comfort and peace, and those who use it to give themselves power over others. She's not religious. In fact, she hasn't even been baptized. But she refuses to believe that she's doomed to hell regardless of how well she lives her life or how much she helps others just because she doesn't go to church on Sunday. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I think as long as you are a good person and treat others with respect and kindness, it doesn't matter what you believe theologically. Because just doing those simple things seems to be a lot closer to Christ's teachings than the ideologies being spewed by some supposed Christians, Rush among them.

Laura and I were perplexed most of all as to why those who consider themselves the most Christian are also the most hateful. But that's the problem with surrounding yourself with people who think and believe the same things you do -- you never get any answers to these questions.

Becca was very keen to read my letters to the editors. Via a link found through a link of a link of a link from [ profile] anne_jumps (my primary news source these days, since inexplicably both "The Daily Show" and "The Al Franken Show" are airing repeats this week), I found a site that lets you submit letters to the editors of up to 5 major newspapers. I wrote one, then realized I still had anger issues and wrote a second under Tery's name. Her's turned out much better, because she wasn't afraid to use the big "I" word. The Republicans wanted to impeach Clinton over a few blowjobs. Does Bush deserve any less for 5 years of misleading Americans and making decision after ill-advised decision that have resulted in the deaths of thousands? (between 9/11, Iraq and now Katrina) We can't lose our anger this time and we can't let him get away with this. My friend JeffDaddy in England tells me the European media are practically gleeful, convinced this has to be the last nail in the coffin of the administration. If the Dems don't stop being pussies and do something, I might become an Independent.

I'd like to get that bumper sticker, only with a revision: If you aren't outraged, disgusted and screaming for blood, you REALLY aren't paying attention.

Addendum: Oh yeah, and Tabby was too hung over, so our "hanging out" consisted of me watching her holding her head in her hands miserably. Wheeee!
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So it seems the new trend is to call this mess the "Iraq conflict."

Vietnam was also a "conflict." You would think the administration would be anxious to avoid drawing any further parallels between the two.
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This post is at Tery's insistence. She is watching the dedication ceremony of Bill Clinton's library in Little Rock. It is raining and all the dignitaries have umbrellas. All of them, that is, except for George Bush, who was making Laura hold hers over his head. Or try to, at least. Being two inches shorter, her umbrella was more often poking into the side of his head. He temporarily took refuge under the more statuesque Chelsea Clinton's until perhaps realizing how inappropriate that looked, then reached over to Laura's handle. Tery thought maybe he would do the gentlemanly thing and hold it for her, but no, he just made her lift it up higher, the poor woman's circulation be damned. Tery noticed Jimmy Carter going to great lengths to clear rain water off his wife's seat before she sat down. George, not so much. Looks like he is Christian in every sense of the word, right down to treating his wife like property. Later he FINALLY got his own umbrella and held it so aggressively in Laura's space she was forced to tilt hers backwards to make room. Still later they panned back to include the entire stage and Bush was holding his umbrella noticeably higher than anyone else's, as if subconsciously reinforcing his position. I get the feeling if he had his way his umbrella would be royal blue with the presidential seal emblazoned on it in neon colors. What a complete and total ass.

The commentators were even worse. They were talking about presidents wearing suits and ties at all times to command respect (which Clinton didn't do) and I was reminded of that Log Cabin Republican who thought Carter wearing sweaters in the Oval Office was about the most shocking thing he'd ever seen. They were also discussing religious values and I commented how disturbing I find the regularity with which religion and politics are now mentioned in the same sentence these days. Clearly we aren't even pretending to worry about that pesky "separation of church and state" clause our founding fathers set down. Tery and I agreed we'd rather have a president who enjoyed the occasional blowjob to clear his head to focus on important decisions than one who talked to God instead of his own cabinet.

Oooh! Oooh! And U2! Poor Chelsea had to move about four times to see around the old men that all stood up to see Bono. *sigh* Bono..... I would kill to have an Irish accent like his. He added a new verse about world peace to the end of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" that Bush strategically chatted through so he didn't have to be preached to. It's okay, Georgie. No one can teach you anything new. You know everything already.

In nonpresidential affairs, we finally got around to seeing Mean Girls last night, probably the funniest movie I've seen all year. Kind of like Heathers meets "Harriet the Spy." Janis and Damian, the token outcasts, were the cool friends I wish I had in high school. The script was smart and the depiction of high school cliques was dead-on. Just when the movie couldn't get any higher in my esteem, they threw in a Xena battle cry. That did it. I am soooo buying this one.
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Strong language ahead, people...

My last post was a result of something I heard on Air America radio. Ralph Nader is challenging NH because it is small and easy to recount, and the machines used there were widely used. (I'd like to think this was his master plan all along, get his foot in the door and in a position to fight if necessary, rather than honestly believing he ever stood a chance.) And even if we can't get a complete recount, maybe we can get a serious revamping of the clearly dubious voting process.

I went a little crazy and decided to crosspost in about 20 John Kerry-related communities, thinking maybe my small (but beloved) circle of LJ friends might not be enough to shift the tide. I'm as politically lazy as the next guy, so this was some significant activism by my standards.

I don't know why I was surprised by the responses. I got a lot of "didn't we win NH?" I got a lot of "give it up" and "this is pathetic" and "face it. Bush won fair and square" and even one "you are an insult to the Democratic party." Someone actually said in [ profile] 2004_elections "People are going to start leaving this community if this is the kind of post we can expect to see from now on." Sorry, but I don't see "2004 elections" as a community having a lot of staying power either way.

I unwittingly created an exit poll of my own, and the results are in....the Bushies are 100% right about us. We ARE a bunch of whining, crybaby pussies who would rather join communities and sit around and piss and moan and pull out our hair instead of actually doing anything helpful. Do you think the Republicans, seeing the exit polls so overwhelmingly showing their candidate the winner, would just sit around and chuckle and wonder what went wrong when he lost? No, I guarantee they wouldn't. Because people in power like to stay in power, absolute power corrupts absolutely, yadda yadda yadda.

It makes me ashamed not only to be an American, but to be a Democrat.

Even Michael Moore seems to have decided to roll over and take it. Even knowing all about the Katherine Harris debacle, Florida 2000, he of all people is going to take the results at face value. I guess it's harder to make compelling, inflammatory cinema if your side actually wins. He is hoping maybe Bush will get twice as lazy in his last term and take a 4-year vacation. How sad is it when the country's only hope is that the president doesn't try to do his job?

I don't buy the results. It's not national headlines, but the owner of Diebold, the manufacturer of many of the voting machines, staunchly supports Bush and even wrote a letter promising to do whatever it took to deliver Ohio. Many of the machines used were owned by Republican-affiliated corporations. Every day Tery comes home with stories she hears on Air America about computer voting errors. A machine in Ohio that gave Bush 4000 votes in a precinct that only had 600 voters. A machine that was accidentally subtracting votes rather than adding them. A machine that stopped counting votes when the memory filled and no one noticed. Whole county results lost. More fucking hanging chads. (thanks, [ profile] bohemian_charm) And in most places they didn't even bother to count the provisional and absentee ballots (and that includes the votes of all the people over there laying their lives on the line in the name of "democracy" in Iraq). How exactly does THAT fulfill the promise of "every vote counts, and every vote will be counted"? It seems to me if all the machine errors and paper ballots were actually tallied, those votes would start to add up. As would the wacky exit polls.

Kerry was very graceful in his concession speech, bowing out so easily. He can afford to be. As he said in the debates, he is one of the top 2% who actually benefited from Bush's tax cuts. Me, I'm tired of working two jobs (and currently applying for a third, God Bless America) to survive (but hey, at least I'm working). I'm tired of politicians that are supposed to represent me telling me who I can and can't marry. I'm tired of not having health insurance. I'm tired of the rest of the world hating us because of the rash, selfish actions of one man. I'm tired of a president who acts without regard for consequences or future generations. I'm tired of rightwingnuts deciding how the rest of us should live. And I don't need no steenking exit polls to tell me I'm hardly in the minority.

I may be beating the crap out of a dead horse. I should probably just let it go. A recount would cost money, though I guarantee not more than will be wasted by another Bush administration. I'm not going to recite anew all the many ways Bush has made this country, and this world, a worse place to live. I prefer not to think what he might do now that he doesn't have to worry about re-election. But whether it was through calculated planning or honest machine error, I don't believe he won fair and square. And the thought that he is making a joke of democracy TWICE is more than I can bear.

So, yeah, I'm bitter. We all should be.
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This is the point that is getting lost in all the Bush victory hoo-ha.   "The people have spoken."  No, Georgie.  HALF the people have spoken. The other half still can't stand you.   "Bush won the majority of votes."   Ehhhhh....I wouldn't consider a 3% victory a majority (actually only 2% if you count Nader's 1%).   That's a majority like women are the majority of the population.   That's more edge.   That's like winning by a nose in a horse race.   Like the gold medalist finishing 0.05 seconds ahead of the silver.   And it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an ass-kicking.   Let's keep that in mind before we start rubbing noses, people.   
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At this hour (2:30 pm Mountain time) AOL STILL has not updated its top headlines, and they are mocking me with promises that Ohio is still too close to call, and that Republicans are "convinced" (quotations AOL's) of win.   Gee, ya think?   I prefer to believe this is because the AOL updating staff is holding out for a late-breaking story, still hoping to snatch victory from the very jaws of defeat. That or they are just so inconsolable that they can't bring themselves to change it to a less hopeful story. However, it is very possible it is only because I haven't gone offline and back on since this morning.
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Call me cynical and a conspiracy theorist (though after the 2000 debacle, can anyone blame me?) but I don't trust these results.  Not one little bit.    Perhaps I naively surrounded myself with Kerry supporters, but I simply don't see HOW Bush could have got the majority of the popular vote after all the malcontent and outcrying of protest against him I've seen in the past months.  This was everywhere I looked.   I was so sure it was in the bag, the possibility of defeat never remotely entered my mind.   I am highly suspicious but helpless.   I hope someone else does some hardcore investigation into this.   I also hope Bush will be caught in something so nefarious (either in the election process or in just plain, run-of-the-mill politics) that impeachment might be an option.     

This is about all I can offer in the way of a bright side.   That and the chance to say "I told you so" when he fucks up again.   And you KNOW he will fuck up again.  
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Poopie.  There'll be no getting to the Air America website today I guess.   We listened to them on the way over to the polls.  They reported that Bush and the First Lady had just finished voting in Texas, and "guess there's no question which way they voted."   Well, now hold on a Laura a Stepford Wife?   Wouldn't it be hilarious if she secretly voted for Kerry?

Also yesterday they had a humorous "Bush's presidential campaign notes" joke, little "note to self" about what to say in which state to get the most votes, etc.   The last thing on his notepad was, "Remember, no matter who wins, in 48 hours you are finished working."  

Air America totally rocks my socks.
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WHEW.   It's done.   We voted, and the patriotic high is beginning to wear off.  All in all without a hitch, although they couldn't have found a narrower location to try to set up 3 side-by-side lines without hiring a series of schoolbuses for us to walk through.   And people.   How many weeks have you known this was the polling site?   And in that time, it occurred to NO ONE to get some kind of signage so people knew which line to stand in?    Sending out a 4-foot tall woman to holler "422 needs to stand against THIS wall" (ummm, we can't see you back here) "423 against THIS wall" (still can't see you) "and 437 in the middle.   If you are in the wrong line, you WILL be sent back to the end"  really isn't satisfactory. People started getting a bit ugly after waiting in the wrong line for half an hour and having to go back to the end, but overall they remained civil.  And redundancies...first we got our name checked off the list as eligible to vote. Then an additional worker handed you a card that said "Ready to Vote." Was this necessary? Wasn't it a given that if you make it past the list-man's table that you were good to go? And if the cards WERE necessary by some antiquated law, was the list-man so harried that he couldn't handle both jobs? I thought the "ready to vote" lady would have better served by going out to the end of the line and directing traffic. Tery is sure they'll work out all the bugs by tonight when the after-work crowd shows up.  Based on the large amounts of available parking by the time we emerged, we probably DIDN'T need to be there the minute they opened at 7.    I was prepared to wait in line all day if necessary, but the whole process took just about an hour, a small price to pay for democracy.

Still, glorious.   I've never seen so many people come out to vote.   I tried not to think about the possibility that being in Republican Colorado, we might very well have been surrounded by the Enemy.   I was so super paranoid about making sure I hadn't hastily hit the wrong button that I checked it three times.   But I don't think the butterflies will go away entirely until it's all over, and Kerry makes his victory speech.    Thank god I have to work tonight.

If you haven't already, get your ass out there and vote, goddammit.   Preferably for Kerry.
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This morning at 4 am as I prepared to leave for work, Tery was sleeping with Nickelodeon on, showing, of all things, a Bush/Cheney promo.   It went something like this:

"Hi.  I'm Michael.  I'm 15 years old and I think Bush is a GREAT president!"   My other likes are Yu-Gi-Oh, beating off in the john 9 hours a day, and setting fire to small rodents.  I'm also still young enough to believe adults never, ever lie.    And I have no idea why I'm trying to sway 15-year-olds,  who as we all know historically have a poor showing at the polls year after year (ed. note:  shamelessly swiped from  Or for that matter why it was being aired at 4 am. Do schoolkids really get up that early these days?

I really hope this is the sound of gasping desperation it appears to be.  
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I've had a revelation. Suddenly it is all perfectly clear. Ashlee Simpson's enormous screw-up on SNL was part of a DELIBERATE and SINISTER plan to distract the country from the Bush administration's continued gross and dangerous incompetence in failing to guard several hundred tons of explosives in Iraq. I figured this out based on Ashlee's stupid, meaningless little faux pas being practically the #2 story after election issues. She was only doing her PATRIOTIC DUTY and protecting the good name of our president. She deserves a medal. But maybe she'll settle for dancing lessons.

But it goes without saying that if you are one of the wildly misinformed Bush supporters still clinging desperately to the belief that things are still going swimmingly over there, obviously you don't need such distractions. Oh, to be so innocent and naive again.
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What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

Bush had a plan for getting out of Vietnam
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Because Al Franken is now a god in my eyes and I get most, if not all, of my information from his show....

Everyone must read his blog concerning what Bush supporters believe vs. what Kerry supporters believe. Really, really interesting stuff. Trust me.

More Bush

Oct. 14th, 2004 10:19 am
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I know politicians talk in doublespeak (hey, an Orwellian term!) all the time, but Bush is elevating it to an art form. He says "respect, tolerance, individual's rights" in one breath, and "discriminate, constitutional amendment" in the next. He clearly has never heard the term oxymoron.

I'm tired. So tired. As my little sis said, "Go Bush/Cheney! Really, just GO."
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This morning I emerged from the bedroom to find Tery watching Bush on the telly again, picking apart John Kerry's debate points piece by piece with that hated smirk on his face like a bully at recess.

I'm sick and tired of Bush pointing the finger at everyone else while refusing to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, he might have made a mistake or two in the past four years. Glass houses, Georgie. Glass houses.

If he wins steals the presidency again, I swear Canada isn't far enough. I'm moving to Pluto.


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