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Today is No TV Tuesday, a new concept proposed by Tery to get us out of the rut of eating dinner and watching TV every single night.  Her thought was reading quietly together with music in the background (, where you can put in your current favorite bands and create a custom radio channel that plays only similar music).  I convinced her a laptop (and blogging) doesn't qualify as a TV.  So far we consider it a smashing success.  I just tried to suggest an All Sex Sunday, which went down in flames.  Poop.


The day shift at the hospital doesn't seem to grasp the idea of recycling.  Specifically, every weekend I'm greeted by the sight of a towering stack of cardboard boxes, still in their original shapes.  I attacked them, grumbling to myself as to why these people can't figure out that if you break them down, they're easier to stack and carry.  Then I realized that these boxes originally contained Wisk liquid detergent bottles and the edges were super extra reinforced, and that the day shift is for the most part made up of 4 foot 5-inch pixie elves with the upper body strength of a bowl of linguini.  I tore the boxes apart easily, but there was no reason they couldn't have used a pair of scissors or a knife.

I shouldn't complain.  Tery told me one of them, a little 20-something, actually said she'd heard on the news that the recycling facilities were overwhelmed!  They couldn't keep up and were just throwing the overflow away!  They were asking people to cut back to help them out.  Tery told her to go back to Fox News and get out of her face. 

Yes, recycling is a pain.  Sure, things were much simpler when we just threw everything away.  Most aspects of life used to be much simpler.  But times are changing and the world is facing some very serious problems.  Do these kids not see we're trying to take steps to save the world for their sake?  That soon, in the not distant at all future, these will be their issues to deal with?  Tery and I both blame this attitude on the up and coming generation who seem to have become accustomed to having problems solved for them.  Or Tabby, who just doesn't care if they're left with a burnt-out cinder to live on.  Until, you know, it actually happens.

Their laziness is astounding.  I found three cans of dog food sitting open in the fridge, which wouldn't be a huge deal if we didn't have an enormous plastic bag full to overflowing with dog can lids.  Literally the work of 1/16th of a second to step to the side and get one.  I left a note in the communication book, "Why are there uncovered cans of food in the fridge when we have 6,000 lids?"  A smartass left the response,"Ummmm, because no one put one on them?  Haha."  Ha ha.  Laziness is HI-LAR-IOUS.  Only slightly funnier than half-full cans of food rendered dry, crusty and inedible.  Then bitch and whine about how Tery can't afford to give anyone a raise because of all the discarded food, among other wasteful practices.    I fucking can't stand these stupid entitlement queens who can't see a cause-and-effect relationship to their actions (or lack of). 


Enough of them.  Another weekend in pursuit of Oscar nominees (this time with the actual list in hand).  Four, to be exact, if you count Tery enduring The Dark Knight to make an informed decision about Best Supporting Actor (she was impressed with Heath, but felt as I did about the length and the interminable-seeming number of climaxes.  While we're on the subject, my sister doesn't feel his Joker was necessarily an Oscar-worthy performance.  Neither do I, necessarily, however, Brokeback Mountain was and this is their last chance to make it up to him.  If you think Oscars are given solely on the strength of individual movies, think again). 

First was ::Doubt:: )

All in all a very provocative movie, very taut acting, with a surprisingly at times humorous screenplay.  I'm surprised it isn't up for Best Picture, because it would be Slumdog's first serious competition.  5 out of 5

Second ::The Reader:: )

It wasn't a bad movie, just not as good as some of the other contenders for Best Picture.  We're perplexed why Kate is in the Best Supporting Actress category for this, unless she's considered supporting David Kross.  Have they blurred the lines between actor and actress?  I commented that if you want a nomination, you can't go wrong with a movie either about the handicapped or the Holocaust.  If they could find evidence of someone developmentally delayed in a concentration camp, it might be a slamdunk.  3.5 out of 5

Finally, though not at all least, ::The Wrestler:: )

I want to make it clear, I have no love of either Mickey Rourke or Darren Aranofsky.  But I loved this movie.  The way we get so totally inside Randy with barely any words being spoken.  And Rourke, despite being radically transformed from the last time we saw him, still has a shade of that boyish charm of old that makes you really feel for him.  Best Actor unreservedly -- and we spend 40% of the film staring at his back.  5 out of 5 


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