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Birthdate:Apr 8, 1969
Location:Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Here's me:

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Here's my partner Tery:

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This was back when we first met. She was less cynical, less jaded, more athletic and more...well...dykey-looking then. *sigh*

Tyler Durden sez you are not your job. However I refer to my job(s) often enough in passing that it might be useful to know what they are. By day I do medical transcription from home. I think everyone should try working in their pyjamas at least once in their lives. On weekends I work overnight shift at Tery's animal hospital. "Kennel assistant" is my title, though I also have a good deal of medical duties as well, medicating patients, monitoring vitals, etc. on top of cleaning cages, walking dogs and doing mounds and mounds of laundry. It's not bad as jobs go, though I look forward to the day I can finally survive on one job alone.

And between these two jobs, with the exception of Tery I can pretty much go weeks without speaking to another human being, which has always been one of my goals in life.

Now a few words about my journal: I have a tendency to post long entries. It's not my fault. I use exactly as many words as I need to tell the story I'm trying to tell. I also tend to be a bit angry and outspoken, which I personally think are my best qualities. The good news is I only update when I feel I have something entertaining or interesting to say. I hope my friends agree with this statement.

Now, for the political portion of my profile:

Marriage is love.

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over served since Apr 16 2004

ebay golf club

WARNING: Trolls who post anonymous, insulting comments because your sad little lives are so empty you only derive joy from bringing down others will be categorically ignored. No one is paying me to be your therapy outlet to work through your personal self-esteem issues. If you don't have the balls to sign your name, you aren't worth debating in my opinion. Piss off.

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